Trails in the Tuscan Archipelago Park

The farm holiday centre is in a unique position within the PNAT (Parco Nazionale Arcipelago Toscano, that is, the Tuscan Archipelago National Park), and the GTE (Grande Traversata Elba) is very near. There are many other tracks that start off from here but as yet you won’t see them on a map because they have only recently been cleared by local volunteers so most are still marked in green.

Most go along the coast so you can easily reach some of the truly unique inlets along the way that at the same time offer you many interesting aspects just waiting for you to discover: old furnaces, tiny grottos where manganese was extracted in the past, charcoal burners, a very varied and colourful flora, not to mention the geological aspects that are different every few metres of the way even if you walk as far as 7-8 Km, and you will notice that, if you wish, it is very easy to change direction and go back the way you came.